Beach Egypt

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  • Titanic Beach Spa And Aqua Park Hurghada Egypt

    TITANIC BEACH SPA AQUA PARK is located on the amazing sandy shores of the red sea, offering it guests a wide variety of fabulous activities making it a dream come true.

  • An Overview Of Beach Vacations In Egypt

    Despite Egypt’s ancient allure, today the country probably attracts more beach vacationers than any other type of tourists. This is because, for many Europeans, the warm Egyptian beaches are both inexpensive and well appointed..

  • Egyptian Tourism Authority

    Egypt, a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the pharaohs..

  • Beach Albatros Resort Hurghada Egypt

    Beach Albatros Resort. Plucked from obscurity during the early days of the Red Sea’s tourism drive, the fishing village of Hurghada has long since morphed into today’s dense band of concrete that marches along the coastline for more than km. Rampant construction has left the town blighted by half finished shells of.